Monday, June 18, 2007

It's Monday

Hope everyone had a nice weekend...!

Looking over the Poll Results from my last post, I notice that dog, Toto, is winning....Hello!!! I'm asking for a little support here for Bruiser!! I think people pick Toto because he's from "The Wizard of OZ' and let's face it, more people have seen that movie than have seen "Legally Blonde" Ask your self this, Does Toto make you laugh???

I would like to get Bruiser working on my Campaign, maybe in some sort of International role...I think he would be helpful working on the immigration problems with Mexico given his experience in the courts...

Certainly He could never be First Dog, that's reserved for Minnie....the family dog

other news....
Last night marked the return of the TV Show The 4400...I need to get my hands on some Promicin so that I can unleash my super ability on the world.....If you had a Super -Ability what would you want it to be....??