Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Mom's Birthday and a Trivia Update

1st I'd like to say, Love you Mom !

She turned 79 Yesterday and we had a nice family dinner.

We had to tone it down a little because last weekend when we celebrated my Nephew's 21st birthday , there was mom...

Playing beer pong !!

We had to keep these party girls in check yesterday !!

Maybe we will get the beer pong table out for Dad's 80
th !!


Today we start a new month in the Tom's Trivia Challenge, it has been a a month filled with new players but we have another big win by one of our Trivia Veterans

BIG Congrats to KATHLOCK !!

Two of our newest players Lemonyellow (6wins) and Badlydrawnbhoy (3 Wins) made it into the top 10 with a great second half and have been immortalized in the Hall Of Fame !! Great Job..

Looking over the Hall Of Fame records I see that we have been doing the Trivia Contest now 6 full months !!

Thanks for playing everyone !!

Good luck this Month