Tuesday, May 15, 2007


I was day dreaming today and an idea for an invention just popped into my head. Has this ever happened to you? I mean this is more of an innovation or improvement to what is out there already.

Take for example the lawn mower it started with a push mower, then someone added an engine and that was pretty good. Still you had to push the damn thing! So, someone added power to the wheels so you just followed it around and now you can even get them with seats and drive them around like a car. Well I didn't come up with any innovations for lawn mowers but if I did I think it would be , remote control lawn mowers..you know like the remote control cars and trucks all the kids get for their birthdays. I mean you could drink beer on the porch and just use a little hand control and direct your mower around the yard. It would be fun!

But I didn't think of that one today. No today I was sitting down, with the bad ankle..2 WEEKS now, and putting ice on it. Now ankles are tough to apply ice to by yourself. I mean you have to kinda do a sit up to get the ice bag in place and then when you sit back it's always sliding off or in the wrong spot so you find yourself trying to tie it in place with a scarf or something you bought at the drugstore that's supposed to make it easy. So there I was , sitting there when I noticed the basket of rags and orphaned socks was right on the floor next to my chair. I saw a particularly old, stretched out sock and the Idea was born!!

I pulled the loose fitting sock onto my bad foot and put a reusable ice bag over my ankle and then stretched the top of the sock down over the bag, It held the bag snugly and firmly against my sore ankle. I could even hobble to the fridge for a beer and it stayed in place!! The ICE SOCK will be HUGE! Bigger than the Pet Rock. I'll probably start selling my old stretched out orphaned socks here to boost traffic. Maybe I'll give them away as PRIZES for BEST COMMENTS.

Now I wish I had a remote for the lawn mower so I could cut the grass!!

It made me laugh

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