Friday, October 26, 2012

I'm as mad a s hell and I am not gonna take this ANYMORE!!

From the movie Network (1976): Howard Beale (Peter Finch) tells the public what they need to do....

I believe Finch won the Oscar that year, and while the movie is a satire and does try to show how media can so easily manipulate the viewers thoughts and ideas, for example: Fox, the Tea Party, the Partisan News Broadcasts from all the major networks have been doing this for years. But this scene is special and  aren't we all just Mad as Hell about how this country is being run and by whom?? Isn't it supposed to be by "The People" We are about to vote for President and the 2 Candidates with a chance to win are both flawed, and when that choice has been made they will have to work with a supremely flawed Congress where nothing ever gets done.

We should be Mad As Hell, I think will write that on my ballot.

And the News, I have an idea....take the Ads off !! The News team should not be managed by the Network or  beholding to any sponsors and maybe they could start dealing with the things that are important in this country.

Have a nice weekend....