Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Fashion Sense

I go by a corner which must be a regular hangout for a group of kids. maybe 15-17 years old. There are a couple Black , a couple Hispanic and always 2 or 3 White kids. At least 2 or 3 times a week I find myself stopping to let one or two of them cross the street.

They have never waved a thank you, never smiled, and never hurry They just saunter across the street with the waist of their pants halfway down there ass, the crotch around their knees. And an oversized t-shirt which looks almost like a petticoat hanging down under their hooded sweatshirts , hoods up over their heads. These must be the boys of that hood.

I just don't understand the concept of wanting to have my pants only half on. So instead of condemning the style I went home and tried it out. Granted my pants are not as baggy as theirs, but I gave it a try, inside the house.

I let out the belt and slipped the pants down so the crotch was closer to my knees and the waist was now half way down my ass and then the phone rang. I went to pick it up and my pants fell down around my ankles. I did the shackle walk over to the phone and it was Alan Thicke calling about some time share he's selling..I hung up on the recorded message and went back to my fashion experiment.

I got my pants back where they were and concentrated on walking without losing them around my ankles again. I found that if I swung my hips and walked a bit slower I could actually keep them on. And that's when I understood the kids never smiling, waving or really anything but walking slowly. They were concentrating on keeping their pants on!! They didn't have time to smile never mind wave. Hell with the amount of concentration it takes to keep the pants on, I'll bet those kids didn't even see my car.

It was about then that I ended my experiment because I believe I have established that this is not some sort of fashion sense, but fashion nonsense.


I'm working on a post and it's not quite ready...OK! As it wasn't ready I thought I'd share this picture I received in an email!! I wonder if CatWoman looks like that when she's having a bad day?

An this is a cool link, pick the pictures that represent your choices and get your Visual DNA/Profile