Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Swordfish??

I went to the Fish Market today and picked up some fresh swordfish for dinner. I noticed the sign they had where the fresh swordfish steaks sat on the ice, indicated that the fish I was looking at was "Wild Swordfish"

I asked the girl behind the counter if the swordfish was previously frozen? When she told me it wasn't, I told her I wanted a couple pounds. It didn't hit me until I was driving away..

Wild Swordfish ??

"Hmmm," I thought "Is there any other kind of swordfish other than wild??"

I don't think I have ever heard of anyone having a domesticated swordfish.

I've never heard of farm raised swordfish.

I am pretty sure all swordfish live in the wild, but maybe that wasn't what the sign meant.

Maybe the swordfish I got today was just Wild and Crazy, kinda like Steve Martin, but a fish?

He could have been the fish that really lived, really jumped high out of the water, took chances. Maybe one too many chances I thought as I looked down at my neatly wrapped package of swordfish steaks.

I got home and basted those swordfish steaks with a little lemon/pepper and butter sauce and grilled them on the barbecue.

While I am not sure if there are anything but wild swordfish, I know one thing...

Those swordfish steaks were delicious !!

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I know that I've been rather obsessed with the Sports Theme lately, but that happens when you are surrounded by Championship caliber teams. With the Bruins and the Celtics playing in the playoffs, the Red Sox beating up on the Yankees and the New England Patriots drafting new players it's difficult to think about anything else !!

Boston, it's a sports town like no other !!

Today at 1PM you should have your Green on and be rooting for the Boston Celtics !!

Later tonight the color is RED and get out your brooms , as the Red Sox go for a series sweep of the New York Yankees !!

Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's Saturday and the all predictions for a beautiful weekend have come true. It's close to 80 degrees (F) outside and I think I'll be sparking up the Barbie today...

The color for today is RED for the Red Sox who are headed toward their 2nd game against the Crappy New York Yankees

The Red Sox won last night with a walk off home run by Kevin Youkilis.

Today is the NFL Draft and so I'll be checking to see how the New England Patriots do. We have been pretty lucky over the past few years getting high quality picks, but one never knows if what you get in the 1st round will out perform someone you get in the 6th round...

Example, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, the 199th pick overall, by the Patriots and he's won 3 Super Bowl rings as starting quarterback on the other hand #1 Pick in the 2001 Draft was Michael Vick who was this time last year, playing football for Leavenworth Penitentiary while serving his time behind bars for sponsoring an illegal dog fighting ring.

So NFL Draft, Red Sox Yankee's, Warm breezy day, BBQ, cold beer and then tomorrow...well let's just enjoy today


Friday, April 24, 2009

NICE JOB Everyone

The Celts stomped all over the Bull last night, I am not sure if I can carry over the good luck spell that Dawtch was so nice to bestow on the Celtics last night, but if you compare last night's game to the previous 2 very close games, it's obvious the spell and all the green MOJO worked !!

Sunday, 1pm... get your green ready let's stomp the Bulls AGAIN !!

It seemed everyone I saw yesterday had green on and I guess it just shows you how much everyone is reading my blog...Thanks everyone

PS : Color for today is RED, The Yankees will then have no choice but to lose to the RED SOX


Finally, if you can take the time to comment, let's wish Joe, one of Team Hideaway's many photo contributors,


Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tom's Hideaway, Going GREEN

With the World Champion Boston Celtics playing Game Three tonight in Chicago I need to call on everyone who reads this to wear a little green today and maybe just mention to someone out loud that:

"You hope the Celtics win tonight."

Doing this, even if you live in Australia, will just increase their chances of winning and lead the Celtics to victory..and I will really appreciate your efforts.

We could also use a little friendly Witchcraft, maybe a nice Winning Spell would help if there is an
yone out there familiar with winning spells

It's not that I am superstitious or anything but currently the TV Room here at the Hideaway is adorned with Celtics shirts and memorabilia...It will not come down until their Final Victory.

Things you can do today to give the Celtics good MoJo !

Wear Green

Tell someone that you hope they win, don't worry if they are from Sydney Australia and have no idea who the Celtics are, it's ok and you will seem much more worldly!!

Take the night off from cooking and order some take out, get your favorite beverage and watch the game!!

Wear Green!!

Propose this toast for the Celtics at game time 8pm EST:

" Celts! Celts!" tap your cups, then say "Win! Win!" drink it and then tap your glasses on the table twice.

Repeat this toast as often as necessary!!

Thankyou for your support

Friday, April 17, 2009

70 Degrees

Those crafty weathermen have forecast a 70 degree day for us here in Sunny Taxachusetts, er I mean Massachusetts !

Let's hope they are doing there jobs better than those Massachusetts politicians. They say that the weather in New England is tricky...

Well politics is even trickier!!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Red Sox lost on Sunday, but just remember...

It's a long season and a couple short years ago...

They were the champs

I was lucky enough to sit with a gentleman who received one of the Championship Rings and he let me take some pictures..

Go Sox!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Red Sox 04/09/09

April 9, 2009 Dice K took the mound at Fenway Park yesterday for the first day game of the season.

But no matter what he said to the ball,

No matter how much effort he put in his pitch

Nothing worked, the Red Sox lost.

It was still a beautiful day at the park !!

Thursday, April 09, 2009

Thinking seriously about 2012 !

With the results in it is clear that people want Obama to stick around for awhile; however, I was able to take a clear 25 % of the votes and it seems that maybe I should think seriously about taking on Obama in 2012..

That is if we can somehow avoid the Mayan Apocalypse!!

I will continue to work on my 2012 Campaign Message.

But today I am headed to the Boston Red Sox game, I can't think about politics right now.

Pictures from Beautiful Fenway Park will be posted later !!

Monday, April 06, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009

Being Careful at work today

My Horoscope !!

Someone at work may be pushing your buttons now. Naturally, your smartest move would be to look the other way and sidestep any interaction that could erupt into an unpleasant encounter, but you probably won't be able to hide your annoyance. Luckily, you can turn a difficult situation around by transforming your anger into compassion. A little love and understanding on your part will go a long way today.....

I'll be humming Elvis Costello's song "What's so funny bout peace, love and understanding" for the rest of the day.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

New Poll

I have added a poll at the top of the blog page and am asking everyone whether they live here in the US or not to make a choice.

So take a second, make a choice, leave a could be interesting and it may determine what I will be doing 4 years from now.


If you get this Post in your email follow the LINK to fill out the poll and leave a comment HERE