Thursday, April 23, 2009

Tom's Hideaway, Going GREEN

With the World Champion Boston Celtics playing Game Three tonight in Chicago I need to call on everyone who reads this to wear a little green today and maybe just mention to someone out loud that:

"You hope the Celtics win tonight."

Doing this, even if you live in Australia, will just increase their chances of winning and lead the Celtics to victory..and I will really appreciate your efforts.

We could also use a little friendly Witchcraft, maybe a nice Winning Spell would help if there is an
yone out there familiar with winning spells

It's not that I am superstitious or anything but currently the TV Room here at the Hideaway is adorned with Celtics shirts and memorabilia...It will not come down until their Final Victory.

Things you can do today to give the Celtics good MoJo !

Wear Green

Tell someone that you hope they win, don't worry if they are from Sydney Australia and have no idea who the Celtics are, it's ok and you will seem much more worldly!!

Take the night off from cooking and order some take out, get your favorite beverage and watch the game!!

Wear Green!!

Propose this toast for the Celtics at game time 8pm EST:

" Celts! Celts!" tap your cups, then say "Win! Win!" drink it and then tap your glasses on the table twice.

Repeat this toast as often as necessary!!

Thankyou for your support


Anonymous said...

The Green Machine is charged up and ready to go! Your decorations are great. I've changed my screensaver today from the Sox to the Celtics in a show of support for a win tonight.

Mary Alice

TOM said...

All good Mary Alice, All good

dawtch said...

Spell For Luck
Wondering magic bring to me,
In this life the luck I need
So all my angles can be seen,
And thus fulfill my every dream
Combined earth and fire,
Bring forth my hearts desire
Guardians of the sea,
Keep all harm from me
I'm rooting for a team to win,
So I'll ask you once again,
What I seek, bring to me
As I will , So Mote it Be!

There you go darlin'! Good luck!

Bunny said...

I didn't read your post until lunch time and amazingly without encouragement I am wearing GREEN today - GO CELTICS!!!! Get that Ray Allen #20 jersey out of the laundry and hang it up in the TV Room!!!

jaCkie said...

thank you for the spell dawtch!! its working so far!!

Skinhead Barbiedoll said...

Well.. green is a nice colour!