Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Minnie's Not Happy

Ever have a scratch you couldn't itch? Us humans find a back scratcher or a long spoon and usually reach that itch...Try being a Dachshund with a itch you can't reach. Little legs, Hotdog Body...Minnie's been scratching with her leg but only reaching her belly and now she's scratched a sore on herself. She's going to the Vet tomorrow, her allergy pills aren't helping. So to keep her from scratching herself raw her "Mom" tied a TiShrt around her belly and it seems to have helped prevent her from harming herself any more. She hates to wear anything and normally stands like a statue whenever any kind of costume or dog wear has ever been put on her..She's not happy...But she looks funny in her T-Shirt and I just had to post it.

Hope everyone out there is doing well, I've been extremely busy lately and will be taking a short trip in the middle of September..The destination...Las Vegas...There will be pictures and much to report I'm sure.