Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Sean with his Pie

Sean, my oldest son, lives 3000 miles away, in San Diego . So when he walked into work with his co conspirator, my nephew Dave, it took me by surprise !!

Which was the idea...

I talked to Sean last Thursday night and he told me he was going skiing !!

Dave gave me a ride into work Saturday morning and said he was going to New Hampshire with his girlfriend !!

Dave was really headed to Providence, Rhode Island to pick up Sean....

It's been a good surprise !! Sean topped it off by inviting his sister, she lives in Maine with my 3 grandchildren and my youngest, his brother Patrick , down last night for a Pre Thanksgiving warm up dinner...

And he made an Apple Pie to boot... The dinner, with pictures will be posted very soon....I just wanted to get a picture of Sean and his Pie...Note the Latticed Crust...up first !!