Sunday, July 13, 2008

Weekly Winner, Trivia Update

The scores are in along with a lot of 1st time players and some who have tried again after being away...Thanks for playing and lets get to this weeks TOP 5 Weekly Points winners...

Player Total Points Overall Rank
1. kathlock 110 1
2. Soy-Boy 83 5
3. Dawtch 82 9
4.Operator9 80 3
5.Shoretown 75 20

It's the girl from Downunder AGAIN !! getting into the triple figures AGAIN !! she is on fire this month and I'm tempted to throw a whole week of baseball Trivia at her, but that wouldn't be nice !!


As far as #2 thru #5 we see 4 different players than we had last week...

Soy-Boy was number 2 and he stumbled yesterday after having a very strong week.

Our favorite player from Indiana Dawtch notched #3 .

The April 08' Champion , Operator 9 was 4th.

Finally, number 5 spot Shoretown , who has dabbled in the Trivia Challenge in the past, played 6 out of the last 7 days, and proves once again that in any given week anyone playing Tom's Trivia Challenge has a chance at being the Weekly Points Winner, a stat you will only find here at Tom's Hideaway.

Congrats to all and welcome to those 8 new or returning players that joined us in the past week including Shoretown we had Balla1, Bpoore05, Dale2006, Rain, Tresbelle16, Jayarr and prittypink1211...

This week I'm Going with 7 straight days of Fun Trivia Mix Questions...Good Luck to all !!