Thursday, February 07, 2008

One World - One Remote

It's time for all the manufacturers of T.V's, Cable Boxes, VCR and DVD players to come together and create one REMOTE. Sure they sell universal remotes now but getting them to work with all your devices can prove to be very tricky.

The Universal remotes you buy today come with codes..input the code and it works on one device, another code for a different device...You end up pushing six buttons before you hit play.

The Universals of today are a pain in the ASS!!

What needs to be done is that there shouldn't be that many codes..Just make the units work with a universal signal...All TV's, Cable Boxes, DVD's, etc....accept the same friggin code. When you buy a TV you don't need a new remote!!

What is it with these people, you buy a new TV, a new DVD , you have Cable hooked up and suddenly you are holding 3 remotes in your hand every time you want to get the TV to go ON.


Making companies build their devices to accept 1 remote that would work on ALL their devices as well as their competitors would be good for the environment too...less remotes would need to be made, fewer batteries consumed.

Hell Apple may come out with the I-Remote for those who want a chic looking universal...bottom line there should be no need to program the remote for your electronic works for everything!!

It's a WIN WIN situation.

Now where is that stupid REMOTE!!