Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some of the food...

Really, what is a road trip good for if you don't stop to eat ??

Captain Crunch French Toast, from the Blue Moon Cafe in Baltimore, MD.

I heard about the place from the show on the Food Network called Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, hosted by Guy Fieri. Here is a map of all the places he's been.

His assessment of the French Toast was spot on accurate.It was delicious,. I stole a taste from another Team Hideaway member...

I had the Country Scramble, above, which was lightly scrambled egg over fresh country biscuits topped with cheese, bacon and country gravy and served with crispy hash browns potatoes...I could have eaten 2 plates full!!

As for the famous Maryland Lump Crab, it seems every place I ever see crab cakes on the menu boasts that they use, Maryland Lump Crab, NOT EVEN CLOSE, sorry Legal Seafood and all the other pretenders...If you want the real thing you have to go to Maryland or order your Crab directly from the source.

Here is a good source to order from and a great place to eat: G&M Restaurant and Lounge

and this is what their crab cakes look like when served up:

Tender, very little spice almost ALL CRABMEAT..The Best ever !!