Sunday, June 24, 2007

Rabbits of Rotterdam

I was shocked to see an article in the Wall Street Journal about a man named Cees Noorlander form the city of Rotterdam in the Netherlands....his nickname: The Rabbitslayer!!

The most disturbing quotes from the story:

  • "That's a small one," he said. "I'll feed it to my ferrets." Jeez, I guess that's good for the ferrets
  • "Ports are especially vulnerable to pesky animals like rabbits and deer " Oh, yea-- run everybody there are rabbits and deer coming for us AAAHHHHHHH!!
  • Mr. Noorlander packs 220 pounds on a frame dedicated to shooting animals. "It's all he talks and dreams about," says his wife, Hettie.....Poor poor Hettie, all he dreams about anymore is killing rabbits!!
  • Other than the occasional hunt with his son RenĂ©, his only companions are his Browning shotgun, a German Longhair Pointer named Rex and 45 ferrets -- all named "Cees" ....I think he's taking a page out of George Foremans book, George named all his kids George....Maybe The Rabbitslayer will start selling a Rabbit Rotisserie Grill.
  • He kills about 50 rabbits per sortie.....I think this man is disturbed!!
  • Rex returned, rabbit in mouth. It was still alive. Mr. Noorlander finished the job with a clean karate chop.....Ooooh Cees you are so strong and tough you Rabbit Killer you !!

Apparently this cold blooded murder of rabbits revolves around a dike problem.....Let me tell you one's killing Bunnies over here in the USA over same sex least not yet....Oh different kinda dike. Ooops Sorry!

Anyway it seems to me you could find a place for the bunnies!!

Now a ghastly Video!!