Monday, January 08, 2007

What is The Tommy Fund ?

The Tommy Fund is my personal advertising program. I've read about the Million Dollar Homepage which was an awesome idea but it's been done and frankly, I don't think your ads stand out as well. If you are trying to increase readership of your blog or web site you could spend hours flipping through pages at any number of Blog exchanges or you can visit the Tommy Fund, a dollar donation (US ) and I will visit your web site/blog, write a posting about it and put your link on the Donor Roll on my sidebar for a month!!

For example: A very special blogger Marina, was the first person to ever comment on my blog. I visited her site MARINAMARBURG shortly after she commented. You'll find her site has some truly funny pictures and you will discover her great sense of humor. Currently she has been posting some great videos of Hugh Laurie and Steven Fry....We have commented and visited each others blogs ever since I started blogging and recently she contributed to The Tommy Fund before I ever conceived the Advertising idea and for that she will always be listed on my Honor Roll.