Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Eating lots of food and getting fat, It's FUN !!

Despite what the medical community, dating services and friends will tell you, eating lots of food and getting fat is kinda fun!!

It's like living without restrictions, taking everything that comes at you and just eating it.

Sometimes I feel like a LION after a kill, of course I didn't kill anything but sometimes I think I would kill for chocolate or even really good onion rings!!

I spent the weekend cooking...We fed a party of 30 here at Tom's Hideaway Manor and it was a Italian Festivus I'll tell ya.

I made Manicotti, even the shells were from scratch, Chicken Cacciatore, Beef Bracciole and lots of Italian Sausage, Salad, cookies, cakes, candy and plethora wine.

The Manicotti (top) Cacciatore (Bottom)

My extremely Easy Going Assistant (Lil Sister) helped by assembling a great Salad and chopping parsley among other things.

It was great to see people could just lounge on the couch and nap after the feed.

Another great thing was to have so many people that when the eating was done there were plenty of cleaners to go round..I don't think I washed a dish!!

I realized though that with all this consumption...I've put on a few pounds...but it was fun!! It was a party I don't eat like this every day...but I could and it would be fun!!