Tuesday, October 23, 2007

It sucks being from Philly today

According to a survey of some 60 thousand participants who were surveyed Philadelphia is home to the least attractive people..Sorry Rocky, Sorry Adrienne..

The survey was done jointly by
CNN Headline News and Travel and Leisure Magazine.

Philadelphia also found the:

Least Stylish
Least Worldly
Least Active
One of the Least Friendly

Like I said it sucks to be from Philly today, but in their defense I wonder how many of those surveyed have visited the back woods of West Virginia...I can hear the banjos now

On the other hand I'm from the Boston area, actually lived in the city for 15 years and they say
Boston is...

The #2 Sports Fans Destination...Chicago was number 1...What's that all about??? I guess some people just don't like winners!!
Philly was # 3!!

We came in as # 5 Sophisticated getaway, again CHICAGO came out ahead of us in that category...and New York was #1, come ON New York???

Out of 25, Boston was rated 21st, in the friendly department !! Bastards!! Philly AND Chicago did better than us!!

Finally, Boston was rated 3rd in Intelligence...Only Minneapolis and Seattle scored higher... Chicago and New York scored MUCH LOWER...

Of course, had any of those surveyed met me or my Hideaway Team I think that Boston would have been #1 across the board.