Monday, May 21, 2007

Generation O

We've had the G.I. Generation, the Beatniks, the Hippies, The Yuppies, Generation X or the Me Generation and their rivals the Y's. I think it could be said we're in the midst of the Over Generation or if you like Generation O. So who are the Overs?

We have an abundance of Over Exposure thanks to our numerous forms of media. The days when Raymond Burr or Rock Hudson could live and work in Hollywood making movies or films television shows without the the general public knowing they were gay is long dead. Now we are informed immediately when someone like Britney Spears forgets to wear underwear or when Alec Baldwin leaves a frightful message on his daughters cell phone. We're right there to hear that Pamela Anderson has Hepatitis and who she's having sex with....I don't care but we , the public, are Overwhelmed with information that has no relevance to our daily lives.

Overdone: We can blame Television Programming for churning out one Reality Show after another, Big Brother, Survivor, The Bachelor or Bachelorette, The Biggest Loser, The Amazing Race, Wife just goes on and on and I'll tell you the truth all I have to do is look in my wallet for a good dose of reality. When I watch TV I'd rather go on a three hour tour, marry a witch..ooh I did that, or maybe find a Genie in a bottle. Give me some fantasy any day.

Overindulged: That's easy to see just look at Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie, what a pair. Then they get their own "Reality Show" ????? Parents!! That's what OVER indulgence breeds!!

Overcompensate: Oil executives, CEO's, Professional Athletes, Entertainers all get overcompensated and what happens? Overpriced gasoline, theater tickets, movies, sporting events, concerts...The only place you can buy an affordable Hot Dog in any of those places is a gas station!! I'm never eating at a gas station, they don't serve beer. . But while prices for entertainment have gone OVER the TOP, people still pay. In Maine they would say "That's Odd" and for them that would be an OVER-statement.

And while all this is going on we are Over-Taxed !!

Have I OverLooked anything ??