Monday, April 07, 2008

PPSD, Post Party Stress Disorder + The Red Sox

Me, The MOM, The DAD and little sister

Pictured above, we celebrate as if it's just all fun and games. Me with that big ceremonial wine glass...The DAD willfully contributing to his daughters delinquency...

Yes we had fun at my - still hard to say- 50th birthday party, but it's the next day when you are hit with this P.P.S.D. _ Post Party Stress Disorder.

It's not a hangover people, although that may be an underlying symptom.

Post Party Stress Disorder is described as a condition where a person begins to realize that they are celebrating something they would rather not even think about..

In my case, the fact that I am 50!

When I think about it I realize I am probably way past the half way point..if you know what I mean.....

At 50 you start to wonder about senior discount eligibility, instead of getting 2 for 1 drinks at the bar.

At 50 you begin to realize it's not all fun and games anymore...

Well most people do.

I am going to beat this P.P.S.D. by not being a typical 50 year old...

I am not gonna worry about a thing and whatever happens...happens.

I mean really, why start worrying now?? It's obviously too frigging late to do anything about it!!

One thing is for sure..The Boston Red Sox, after opening their season in Japan, playing some ball on the West Coast with the Oakland A's and then traveling to Canada for a very depressing series against the Blue Jays, will finally get to play their 2008 Season Home Opener against the hapless Detroit Tigers...

Let's hope they don't play like a bunch of 50 year olds!!

Batter UP!!