Wednesday, May 19, 2010

It's Over, Goodbye..ADIOS my friend....

If you ever were my friend is the question. I have had it with you and I plan to keep a safe distance from now on...

I am sure I will see you around from time to time. You can come over for dinner, family parties...JUST don't sit next to me.....because even though I reallly like you, I know deep down. You are just no good for me.

Sure you try to slip in to my world in so many different forms...Bread, Sweeter Muffins, Potato Chips, Crackers all those "healthy snacks" you try to pawn off on me..

I'm done with baked goods and junk food because you are all just filled with carbs I don't need..

After kicking the smoking habit now for 20 days, leaving bread and all your relatives behind has helped me lose 12 pounds in the past few weeks.

Sure I have been somewhat consumed with my Primal Diet but I don't miss all those yummy baked goods one bit...

Cause they make you FAT!

Monday, May 03, 2010

I'm Going Primal !! I wonder if I'll need a spear?

It might be the affect that quitting cigarettes has on one's brain....but I have been reading quite a bit of Mark Sisson's Blog...Mark's Daily Apple : Primal Living In The  Modern World and I like it...I figure if I am gonna give up cigarettes, I might as well take it a little further.
                                                 Picture courtesy of Mark's Daily Apple
With few a few exceptions, I am gonna approach my diet like the Primal Man. If I can't kill it with a spear, or pick it off a tree or in a garden...I am not gonna eat it...