Sunday, March 16, 2008

Trivia Update Week 1 Winner

Top Cumulative Scores For This Month

1. kathlock65--38
2. Tom71--38
3. darkglamour71--38
4. Operator950--29
5. Sally50--29
6. momzy60--29
7. fatback40--24
8. PG30--21
9. pixiepants30--20
10. Rambo20--10
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As Of Sunday Morning

The Top finisher this week was Kath Lock, aka author of Blurb From the Burbs, noted Chocolate Lover and great storyteller...She's shown us that she's got a lot of Trivia Knowledge at her fingertips... Hat's off to Kath...While the trivia site does not allow me to reset the numbers each week, I will always highlight the winner for the week on Sundays.

While Tom...Who is he?? and Darkglamour both finished with as many points as Kath, she took 5 out of 6 possible wins which earns her tons of Tom's Hideaway dollars, which are now purely a fictional currency but one never knows, someday I might actually win the lottery...If so all my Trivia Winners will be flown to the celebration party..ALL EXPENSES PAID!!

For those who I may not know...Darkglamour, for one...and would like a little attention for their blogs or just a little more recognition...My email link is on the side bar...Drop me a note and let me know.

Thanks to all the other contestants and hope to see everyone back again