Saturday, August 25, 2007

Weather Personalities...Let's Fire Them!!

It's hot here today, about 95 degrees Fahrenheit or for the rest of the world 35 Celsius. Let's not forget the 51% humidity, it feels like you could cut the air with a knife. Enough of my complaining though, the Air Conditioner is on downstairs and I'll go down there when I'm done sweating over this post. Of course, I also have help from a cold bottle of Corona Beer.....

While it's hot,

it's nothing like Florida where people are dying because of the heat. We've had our share of rain but at least we aren't being flooded like so many in Texas, Wisconsin, Ohio...heck it seems like everywhere except the North East some kind of really bad weather event happens every year. We did have some flooding in this area late last year, but nothing compared to what happens elsewhere.

Which brings me to my point..,T.V. Weather People. A recap on the weather channel of historic storms might be informative, but why the hell do we send some nitwit with a microphone down to the oceans edge to report the weather during a hurricane?? Shouldn't they be making their way to higher ground.

I saw a woman on MSNBC standing in flood waters with a microphone wearing matching pink rubber boots and a pink sweater, I was gratified to see her so well put together in the midst of this destructive flood in Ohio. She was filmed waving at people who were being evacuated from the area....they were not nearly as well dressed.

I don't see where TV can really help anyway..A good ol battery powered radio and a static ridden voice telling you "Evacuate Essex County because if you don't get out within the next 5 hours you may DIE" is a much more convincing news statement than some Pink Booted Weather Girl standing in a puddle....I think David Lettermen started his career as a weatherman...that was before we called them meteorologists.

They show up at all the storms so that they can bring the pain and misery of others to your family room, but no-one asks the real question.....

"Sir, why did you build your house so close to the river????"

Honestly between the Talking Head weather "Personality" and the guy whose house gets flooded every couple years I don't know which one gets me more irritated.

I mean we have a few around here that do this too..They build a house so close to the ocean that when a winter storm comes along it washes part of the land away from their house. Sometimes it exposes their foundation or the damn thing just gets carried away in pieces. We see them interview the unlucky slobs but really, we know that the ocean kicks it up a notch during storms. What were they thinking in the first place??

Build where there is a rock bed not on the sand!! Haven't they ever built a sand castle before. If you go to the beach the next day your sand castle is usually gone because the tide comes in, even more during a storm. DUH!!

But all this weather reporting can really sell stuff. If there is the slightest chance a hurricane is coming toward Massachusetts we are going to have Special Weather Updates and hours and hours of extra weather news.

And they smile,

The Weather People that is, having bad weather even close by makes their day. They get to tell us unendingly about what "might happen" We learn new weather terminology and see a buffed up and enlarged weather staff. They will even have commercials telling us little snippets of the bad weather to come..urging us to watch more later....if it was serious shouldn't they just tell us right then and there??

I remember a vacation several years ago when a hurricane was making its way up the east coast. I was on Cape Cod in a swanky resort. The entire week all that was on the TV was news about the STORM. The resort closed down and instead of leaving that Sunday we had to pack up and leave on Saturday. It barely rained and we had a little wind, oh and I lost a day of vacation to Weather Hype.

Yeah, not a bad job though. I mean where else can you be wrong on a regular basis and still have a job the next day. Screw Painting...I am gonna be a Weatherman and here is my forecast:

It's hot, it's gonna be hot for the rest of the might rain tonight so button up your skylights before you go to bed...oh and let me read the same thing you could read on the Internet whenever you want and not have to deal with TV Weather People.........

Join with me and call for an end to TV Weather People except for the cute ones !!