Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Pic's and a note to myTo my subscribers

First I'd like to say to my wonderful subscribers....Sorry about the last post!!

I learned that it couldn't be read because I had the wrong color font!! If it happens to you again just know you can click on the link to
Tom's Hideaway at the bottom of the feed you are receiving and you should be able to see the posting OK..


Now some pictures...

Minnie Again..She's just Photogenic and no one else lets me take as many pictures as I do of her!!

Experimental Photo...Driving Drunk

This is what it's like if you are Driving Impaired


For the full effect, click on the pictures and they get larger. Minnie make a good desktop wallpaper as she is peeking around all the icons and well if you stare at the second one long enough you may be able to just skip the Martini's...

Have a great day!!