Sunday, April 13, 2008

New Weekly Ranks / New Blogroll Widget

Hello , fellow trivia players and also a big wave to those who haven't joined yet but should. Aren't you tired of people telling you that your stupid??..Join in on Tom's Trivia Challenge and show off that brain of yours!!

Every Sunday I take a look at the Standings on the Trivia Page and pull out the Top 5 Weekly point getters. Also we had 7 new players that tried their luck in the past week. The important thing for everyone to remember is that if you play 5 - 7 times a week you too could be a weekly winner, at least in the top 5...and then you will be Immortalized in my Sunday Post. If you have a blog it will be linked to the Sunday Post as well.

Here is my breakdown for the Top 5 Point getters over the last 7 days:

Weekly RankPlayerTotal Points for weekOverall Rank
5The Jackster655

Operator 9 was the #1 point getter for the week and #2 overall for the month of April 2008!! A real smooth operator and certainly right on the heels of our current leader and number 2 point getter for the past week, PG from Annoyingly Boring , watch out Pat looks like you got Operator 9 on your heels. Somehow TOM has been able to hang in, earning 69 points over the week, and placing 3rd for the week 4th overall. Kathlock, our Aussie Genius and author of the Blog Blurb From the Burbs has 4th for the week and remains 3rd overall in the standings and the biggest splash in the TOP 5 rankings was The Jackster who last week place 13th out of a field of 21 players and is now both the # 5 point getter for the week and is also ranked 5th overall in a field of 28 players!! Nice Job Jackster!!


I have installed a new widget for my Blogroll and those on it will notice that along with their blogs is the time and title of their last update. It's a new tool from Blogger that is pretty cool. So those on my list or those who make it there in the future..The more recent your post the higher you are on the list..

If you have Blogger you can check out there latest gadgets at Blogger In Draft


The Red Sox beat the Yankees yesterday at Fenway Park...Manny Ramirez, my pick for 2008 MVP, was "The Man" with 3 RBI's a 2 run Double and a Monster Home Run. He also scored another run from 2nd base. That Manny he's running hard this year!! Did I mention a great catch taking a hit away from Johnny Damon...Oh Yeah..

Sox and Yankees match up tonight at 8PM... Go SOX!!