Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's Saturday and the all predictions for a beautiful weekend have come true. It's close to 80 degrees (F) outside and I think I'll be sparking up the Barbie today...

The color for today is RED for the Red Sox who are headed toward their 2nd game against the Crappy New York Yankees

The Red Sox won last night with a walk off home run by Kevin Youkilis.

Today is the NFL Draft and so I'll be checking to see how the New England Patriots do. We have been pretty lucky over the past few years getting high quality picks, but one never knows if what you get in the 1st round will out perform someone you get in the 6th round...

Example, Tom Brady was a 6th round pick, the 199th pick overall, by the Patriots and he's won 3 Super Bowl rings as starting quarterback on the other hand #1 Pick in the 2001 Draft was Michael Vick who was this time last year, playing football for Leavenworth Penitentiary while serving his time behind bars for sponsoring an illegal dog fighting ring.

So NFL Draft, Red Sox Yankee's, Warm breezy day, BBQ, cold beer and then tomorrow...well let's just enjoy today



unowho said...

Today's RED SOX game was a nail-biter but our guys won in the end. Here's hoping the Sox can take care of those damn yankees faster in tomorrow's game!

TOM said...

UnoWho, That was a LOnnng game, good ending though..

Don't forget, Celtics Tomorrow Afternoon!!