Monday, April 27, 2009

Wild Swordfish??

I went to the Fish Market today and picked up some fresh swordfish for dinner. I noticed the sign they had where the fresh swordfish steaks sat on the ice, indicated that the fish I was looking at was "Wild Swordfish"

I asked the girl behind the counter if the swordfish was previously frozen? When she told me it wasn't, I told her I wanted a couple pounds. It didn't hit me until I was driving away..

Wild Swordfish ??

"Hmmm," I thought "Is there any other kind of swordfish other than wild??"

I don't think I have ever heard of anyone having a domesticated swordfish.

I've never heard of farm raised swordfish.

I am pretty sure all swordfish live in the wild, but maybe that wasn't what the sign meant.

Maybe the swordfish I got today was just Wild and Crazy, kinda like Steve Martin, but a fish?

He could have been the fish that really lived, really jumped high out of the water, took chances. Maybe one too many chances I thought as I looked down at my neatly wrapped package of swordfish steaks.

I got home and basted those swordfish steaks with a little lemon/pepper and butter sauce and grilled them on the barbecue.

While I am not sure if there are anything but wild swordfish, I know one thing...

Those swordfish steaks were delicious !!


thebonster said...

tom, you are sooooo friggin funny how do you think of these things??? i would seriously like to be in your mind for one day LOL !


TOM said...

Thanks Bonnie, I'm thinking of renting some unused space up there!!

Kath Lockett said...

Ah yes, if it's not 'wild' inserted in front of fish, meat or restaurant-cooked meals, it's other bleeding-obvious-but-sounds-delicious options like:
* pan fried
* wok-seared
* farm fresh
* garden fresh
* sun-ripened
* hand-selected
* corn-fed
* authentic
* gourmet

....and this can be applied to stuff like fried eggs and tomato sauce!

TOM said...

Kath, how bout Homestyle , Market Fresh, hmmm that wouldn't be as good as farm fresh would it??

TerminallyUniq said...

yeah...i was just about to say that I thought in the fish-marketing business, if it isn't "wild," then it's from the fish "farm," which in itself is a hilarious picture. well, in my mind it's hilarious anyway.

unowho said...

The vision of a swordfish with the personality of Steve Martin is funny stuff!

Jay said...

I'm really enjoying thinking of them as wild and crazy...

TOM said...

Terminally Unique, struck me funny too !

Unowho, Wild and Crazy guy!

Jay, now...picture me as a swordfish !!

Stephen D. Clark said...

I don't believe there is such a thing as, say, "pen-raised swordfish." Swordfish are a roaming, pelagic species, and the fishery is so hard-pressed that the average size caught has dropped to less than half of what it formerly was in the 1960s. It would be better for the endurance of the species if harvesting was banned, but that's an enormous political hurdle because of the money involved. If you cared about such things you might chose not to consume swordfish, but I haven't made that choice yet, myself. As a matter of fact, swordfish is going to be served for my Christmas dinner tonight.

TOM said...

Stephen, While it saddens me just a little that the size of swordfish is shrinking, certainly the price will rise, I will continue to baste butter and eat them when I can. Hope your xmas dinner went well and thanks for dropping by

JustMe said...

Safeway offers Farm raised Swordfish from Vietnam

TOM said...

Just Me: would love to see that farm?