Thursday, September 11, 2008

A Birthday and Some other Odds & Ends

A Big Birthday Wish goes out to one of our many Trivia Players...

HAPPY Birthday BUNNY !!

I didn't buy you anything bunny but that's just because I don't want to spoil you.

I mean..YOU are Perfect Already !!


In other news we received a Scenic Picture from another one of our Trivia Player's

JLO went to visit one of the many Natural wonders in Scenic State of New Hampshire over the summer...

The Flume Gorge in Franconia State Park

In Sporting News:

The IQ attended last nights baseball game in San Diego where he was able to see Manny Ramirez hit 2 Home Runs and knock in 4 RBI's to POWER the LA Dodgers over the San Diego Padres to extend there lead to 3 1/2 games and remain in 1st place in their division

Too bad the Sox didn't have any power last night as they lost their game in 14 innings, The heart of the order, Youkilis, Ortiz and the affable Jason Bay combined for an anemic 0 for 14 against the 1st place Tampa Bay Devil Rays !!

And I stayed up to watch!!

Can't Wait For Sunday's Patriots Game


bonnie said...

first of all i did not recieve a birthday tribute on my birthday. THATS A LITTLE DISAPPOINTING!

second<<<< it shows you what an ass and how self centered manny is. he purposely played bad for his TEAM. i would rather lose a world series without manny than win one with him!!!! how could you admire that in a person tom!! good riddens and never come back as far as i'm
concerned. he doesn't deserve boston fans!!!

TOM said...


1st I didn't know you had a birthday so you better speak to someone about that!!

2, last time I saw you you looked maybe 29, so what are you 30 now??

3. Happy Belated Birthday

4. Does this mean you won't cut my hair anymore )-: ?


Wow! Little drama going on at Tom's Hideaway. Happy Birthday! Auntie M. Isn't that the Grandmother from the Wizard of OZ. Also Belated Birthday to Bonnie. As well as a shout out to Brother IQ.


So I was informed that I guessed wrong on the Birthday Wish. Happy Birthday Auntie R. Hope you have a great one.

Bunny said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes niece J. I thought for a moment that maybe I didn't have a birthday, so I'm NOT a year older, but then you changed your mind!!! RATS! I have to say that I'll have to remember the Wiz moniker for Auntie M the next time I see her!! Ha Ha! Better than Miss Gulch, so she can't complain.....

Gledwood said...

Flume Gorge: man, that's a pretty wild natural attraxxion