Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Monday's on TV I have to watch two shows, "HEROES" and "24." Since they are on at the same time I put one on DVR. I watched "HEROES" last night and if you watch the series, then last week you saw the young boy "Micah" discovered his "Power." Micah can go up to any ATM and just get all the cash. ......Pretty Cool.

Now when I sat down to watch last night I was sure that the show would treat Micah just like TV treated Jeannie from the show "I Dream Of Jeannie"

or Samantha from " Bewitched."

In both series the gift that the girls had couldn't be used despite the fact that Darren and Captain Nelson could have had anything they wanted by just asking their girls. Nope their power needed to be hidden.The Capt. and Darren were almost ashamed of it...We didn't get an answer last night about Micah, his mom just got out of jail...but next week I'm sure will see Micah again and I think he'll be treated just like Samantha and Jeannie were.... Me, I'd buy the little guy a little Ski Mask and call it a day......What would you do?

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Antler said...

I'd go with the mask too! Maybe not the one you picked out because I do believe I may have more fashion sense that that displays!