Monday, February 19, 2007

Britney, Daytona, Bunnies and Cambodia

I went out on a limb with Toyota's cars in the Daytona 500. The best finish for them was 22nd in a car driven by the Veteran Dale Jarrett I'm sticking with the Toyota Teams this year and while I still find it difficult to watch and entire race on TV, it's more exciting than Golf. But enough with racing...lets move on.

In an attempt to draw attention to my potential run for the Presidency this year, I am planning to take a page out of Britney Spears recent HEADlines.....With all the attention she's getting I'm gonna shave my head too. Then I 'll go on to SPEARhead a new campaign toward eliminating Personal Income and Sales Taxes....I don't know, somehow I think everyone will still be writing about that crazy bitch....

Now some pictures:

For Rita ::

Now That's an Angry Rabbit
courtesy of COWBOYDOG
A blog with some
truly unique

And for Laura who said she wanted to see something about Cambodia on the blog:

Sunrise in Angkor Wat
courtesy of

Happy Sunday


Penny said...

Stylist: How would you like it cut today?

Customer: Give me the Spearhead please.

Spearhead I Love It..HAHa

Anonymous said...

Mary Said: that Bunny looks more like Godzilla than a rabbt. What is the kid holding in his other hand? It looks like a gun! What's he planning to do to that beast!!!

comment4U said...

Very funny. "Spearhead." That's great....I don't how much more of f-ed up bald Britney I can take. Was sitting on a soccer field tonight when someone struck up, "How about that crazy Britney? I think she's on drugs!" Uh, ya think???

Me Decade said...

Wow! very nice photography! I'll have to ask Laura if she'll take me along when planning a trip to the homeland.

Me Decade