Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Farts and Stuff/ Words on Wednesday

Last night we played a game of Trivial Pursuits with the Parental Units....One of the units was in the kitchen pouring some tea and let loose with a fart......A loud One..Now this was unusual as this Unit was not the one we normally see farting across the room with every step...attempting that quick get away and tooting like a train leaving the station.

This is where we stood at the edge of discovery. I suggested that our beloved unit in the kitchen had not really farted . I blamed the Unit sitting at the table. I maintained the "Table Unit" had become such a "Prolific Farter" or you might say "Fartolific" that he had refined his craft and become A "Fartriloquist" the ability to project his farts in order to shift the blame on someone else....

Oh, we laughed and we thought for a bit that a new word had been discovered.

But alas, today I found it in the Urban Dictionary:

The art of projecting one's gaseous emission so that it seems to come from another source, as from a pet dog, grandmother or goldfish.

Bob's quite a fartriloquist, he'd rather die than admit being responsible for stinking out the place.

Maybe they will give us credit for a secondary definition....

For a golden moment we believed we were part of the Etymology of the English language..however, and more importantly, we shared a truly funny family moment and a good belly laugh to boot..what came later is for another day...but I'll tell you this much.

We're never gonna let Anne Marie forget it....!!

I found another great source of "New Words" at Word Mint and the first word they had listed was :


Meaning: What the guy sitting next to you, does to you, when he farts. Usually not fatal, although it is known to knock a few unconscious.

Pronunciation: Gassa-see-nay-shun

Usage: With the recent spotlight on the use of various torture techniques by interrogators at Guantanamo Bay, authorities are seriously looking at gassasination techniques. Interrogators are being encouraged to eat exotic food.
Root: Gas +assassination

Have you got any New Words out there...if so use them when you comment and I'll put them in next Wednesday's post and give you all the credit!!


Milly Moo said...

Wibwob – the unwanted sensation of water splashing your bottom just after you’ve released a poo;
Toejoeing – the impolite act of picking one’s toenails whilst watching television with another person sitting on the same couch;
Pleghm-Phlam – the line of mucus a person keeps sniffing back up their nose instead of blowing it out with a tissue; most often heard in office cubicles and in exams;
Parrp - the sound that accidentally shoots out of your bum when you do a sudden karate kick.... oh don't worry, I have many, many more!

Me Decade said...

Well! I believe a new word to consider should be the French pronunciation for a gracious farter: farquacious

Your truly,
Me Decade

toes said...

Have you forgotten the most widely used, "Somebody just shot a Bunnie"?????

TOM said...
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TOM said...

If I remember correctly, "Shooting a Bunny" referred to letting a fart...I take exception to anyone wanting to shoot a bunny,,for obvious reasons..But thanks "Toes" for your comment as always

Tom Bunny