Monday, February 26, 2007

For Monday, For the Readers and the Lurkers

It's Monday, I just watched the video showing the demolition of the cofferdam in China today....,

Picture courtesy Tour Round

If you want to see the video it's right here ! What is a cofferdam you ask ??

Wikipedia says:

"A cofferdam is an enclosure beneath the water constructed to allow water to be displaced by air for the purpose of creating a dry work environment. Commonly used for oil rig construction and repair, bridge and dam work, the cofferdam is usually a welded steel structure that is temporary, typically dismantled after work is completed." In this case they blew the sucker up!

Last Wednesday in my Fart and Stuff Post I said If anyone had some new words I'd use them in a post and give them all the credit. Well, a promise is a promise and Milly Moo , a blogger from Adelaide, Australia supplied the understand what I'm talking about...well you would need to read the Farts and Stuff Post

Of course Milly Moo will know already and on her blog Blurb From The Burbs , her newest post is about words that make her Wince...Don't just Lurk go Have a Look!!

"Just as I got comfortable toejoeing on the couch watching my favorite Sci Fi Channel show, my sister Me' , who was laid out on the recliner, began phlegm-phlamming without a care. I felt like giving her a swift karate kick in the head just to stop that annoying sound but I figured I'd just end up parping. Let me tell you parping can be very embarrassing when your trying to do a Bruce Lee . Of course it's not as bad as wib-wobbing, now that is just disgusting"

Thanks for the words Milly-Moo, love the comment and my offer still stands..Anyone that leaves me a new word..I'll try to write a post next Monday with your words and a shout out to your Blog or Website..

Comments Welcome!!

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Dam Cool Explosion!