Friday, January 22, 2010

Running Towards Spring

It's 2010 and January is nearly gone. With only 28 days of Feburary to suffer through,  Spring is on the horizon!!

Time to start thinking about shedding the coat and maybe even shedding a few pounds to boot.

During the  holiday  season I seem to really put on that winter weight! I know if  I want to be able to fit in my speedo when Summer arrives  I need to get out and buy some new running shoes and get on the treadmill.  Heck even if I don't lose very many pounds the new sneakers will look good.

 I pick the treadmill over running outside. Even working out on the Elliptical seems  safer than running the winter streets. Too many hazards with snow covered sidewalks and early morning black ice. You just get started working out and then BAM you slip fall and break your wrist. A car drives through a slush puddle and covers you in ice cold water. Lets face it, your chances of getting hit by a car whilst running the treadmill are much slimmer than running in the street.

 Not only can running in the streets be dangerous physically, but think of all the exhaust fumes you breathe in as the cars stream by. It's the basement for me or maybe joining a local gym.

Certainly it's time for new shoes whether I run in them or not! Those suckers  are gonna be 2 years old soon!! New shoes, exercise, eat right and well there are so many things I could do but I don't want to bite more than I can chew.

 I guess I better go try on my speedo from last year and see how much work I have ahead of me!

OH...... when I was checking out the Footlocker Running Shoes site, I saw a button on their page that links you up with the American Red Cross,   where you can help by donating,  to help the people of Haiti,  where so many have died from the catastrophic earthquake and those who have been left behind have lost so much.


choochoo said...

I hear ya on the threadmill. The only way I'm going to go running outside, is if there's something chasing me. And this 'something' has to be big enough to take me down.

unowho said...

Two years is pretty good considering how much mileage you have racked-up on those sneakers!

bridget3420 said...

I'm with you, I really need some new running shoes! My New Years resolution was to lose weight this year and I'm determined to lose it and keep it off. The treadmill is my favorite way to exercise, it always makes me feel energized.

TOM said...

Chooch...don't go down w/o a fight(-:

unowho-miles and miles

bridget-good luck, I like the eliptical better!

Nicoyle said...

I'm not much of a person to run, especially out in public. I feel that I would look awkward, so I would choose the treadmill too. At least if I trip and fall no one would see :) Good luck on your weight loss.

Shannon said...

I totally agree about using the treadmill or elliptical versus running on the street. Too many hazards out there on the street. Plus you're dealing with weather and whatnot. My husband and I really need to get some new athletic shoes. I'll have to check out FootLocker and that Haiti link! Thanks for the info.