Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Advice for Men: Don't Be Too Nice!!

To those guys out there who have met someone new. Be careful not to be labeled, "Too Nice."

If you hear that, you are headed for failure.

Women seem to be drawn to men who appear to be self absorbed. Those guys with the perfect hair, the muscled bodies and very often, small brains. The ones that seem to spend more time concentrating on themselves and how they look. These self absorbed morons may have something to teach us "Nice Guys".

Instead of opening the doors for women, paying the bar tab or practicing chivalry of any kind , try being rude, self centered and loud.  It's this kind of behavior that seems to really draw them in.

Think about yourself more often and what you need, what you like. Lately I find myself totally fascinated by ME. It's only natural that they will be equally fascinated as well....

Try to appear aloof and distant and when, inevitably,  they approach you...appear disinterested. Women seem to respond more when they are ignored or under appreciated. Wear some obnoxious jewelery. Put your sunglasses on indoors, NO Clip On's please!!

It's ok to be NICE, just don't go overboard. If you find yourself sharing a shrimp cocktail or nachos at some point, don't even worry about taking the last of it without offering her some. If anything, she'll just think you are a jerk, which is what you are striving for here!!

They like jerks because they believe they can mold them into something different!!

When you are too NICE, there is nothing they can really work with, nothing to change.

Once you have established yourself as a self absorbed a--hole your possibilities of attracting the opposite sex will be limitless! It's a new paradigm in this battle of the sexes.

Once you have hooked the one you want, gradually revert to being nice but be careful not to move too fast. It gives them the feeling that they have crafted you into what they want. Someone who cares enough about them to change their misguided ways.

Certainly it would be easier for everyone if they could be happy with a guy that knows what he likes and is a gentleman from the very start of a relationship. But that's not how it works guys...

Stop being "Too Nice" today  and enjoy the ride.


Kath Lockett said...

Oh Tom....

..... think of it this way: the woman who are attracted to those kinds of jerks are also not worth the attention of the nice guys.

Smart women, genuine women and real women DO go for the nice guys. Trust me.

TerminallyUniq said...

UGH! i am SO sick of guys going on about this topic! i will tell you why and share MY humble opinion later when i'm not freaking out and ready to kill you with my words!!!! tom!!!!

unowho said...

Be honest. Be yourself. Be able to look at yourself in the mirror and like what you see!

TerminallyUniq said...

ok, ok, i freaked out a little there! ;) i'm assuming that maybe this happened to you? were you recently told you were too nice???

all i'm saying when i get all mad is that i've had so many guy friends, guy relatives, even my brother, voice this complaint, that girls only want guys who treat them "like crap" or some variation...

but here's what i always see: these guys are always wanting to date the ladies who dress kind of slutty or who act like freaks in the bedroom (on the first date), who are the queen partier in the group, the supermodel, the (fake)busty (fake)blonds... dig? WELL ... sorry, but when you go for that, you're going to find the ladies who are shortes on self-esteem or body image or harbor any other number of "issues." and guess what...those chicks want to be treated like crap, because they feel shitty about themselves.


TOM said...

I er, uh was trying to be funny!!

choochoo said...

yeeeah, that guy with the siggy up his nose is sooo dreamy XD
So this is what you've been up-to lately? Sticking things up your nose and chasing women with your shirt open? Hows about a blog post on that too? :P