Monday, January 25, 2010

Web Hosting from Dot.Easy

Unless you are out to do business on the net,  considering a web host is something people really don't need to do. There are tons of places where you can start up a blog for free. It's a great, it's fun and at times,  frustrating, when no one comments , but for me at least it's always been free.

If I was to take the next step and come up with a business online I'd want a little more than what my current host (BLOGGER) let's me have. I was recently asked to look at a free web hosting service and I thought...FREE! So I checked them out to see what they were offering that I didn't have already.

If you have ever started a blog or signed up for and email account then you understand that you are not always going to get the name you want. It would be nice to be but blogger has to stick there name in the http address so I have to be't no one gonna remember that if you say it in passing. So much easier if it ended in .COM, .ORG or .NET !!

At DotEasy  it's not all free, you are paying for the NAME you want everyone to be able to remember. It was fun just using there Domain Search to find out what I could come up with for a new website. Funny how some of the crazy names I came up with were already taken, for instance STINKYWATER.COM  &  YOURDEAD.COM, were already taken!!

So if you are thinking about upgrading your blog or website, then web hosting and domain names are things you should really consider. Anyway....go it....try to think up some good names for websites HERE, and let me know what was already taken!!

They currently have a promo right now where you can register for any domain name for only $4.95 for your first year. Just use the coupon code 0910FWH when registering for a domain name.


TerminallyUniq said...

first of all, i didn't want u frustrated cuz no one commented! :)

second, this is awesome! i've been thinking of getting a site up-n-running and trying to make a "real" go of this writing/photog thing. gotta get healthier first tho...

third, sheesh, i might as well let you know that i was just playfully stating my (unrequested) piece the other day on your blog. no hard feelings?

TerminallyUniq said...

oh and PS... i had to choose my current blogger name (which i've been told sounds like terminally "eunuch") due to the fact that someone was already uniqUE. what are the odds? or so i thunk.

TOM said...

You are definitely unique!! And no hard feelings whatsoever!! I love comments straight from the heart!

GAILSIE2000 said...