Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sunday Morning in Boston

Went into Boston this morning and the streets seemed pretty quiet. A lot of that snow you see is getting washed away by heavy rains as I am writing this, but don't worry!! The temperature is supposed to drop and when I wake up tomorrow there could be 6" inched of that fresh white stuff....Awesome!!

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TerminallyUniq said...

ooh, Tom, I really love this photo!! what a beautiful snippet of the skyline at dawn; love the way the shadows play against the rising sun on the buildings! this pictures evoked the feeling in me that for a second it was really dawn, right here where i am, right now. but i wish i could see YOUR city sometime!

TOM said...

Snapped that from the passenger seat as my friend and I were driving by! Love to show you the city Terminally!