Monday, August 06, 2007

Translate English to Jive, Redneck or Cockney

Have you ever wanted to write with a Cockney dialect ?

Have yer ever wanted ter write wiv a Cockney dialect ?

Maybe you would like to write a little like a Red Neck...

Mebbe yer hankerin' t'soun' a li'l like a redneck..

Well now you can convert English text, even your entire web page using the Dialectizer!

You can write a great post in your own words and then just have it translated into Redneck. You could tell everyone your Cousin Effrim from West Virginia is writing a guest post!!

So try the Dialectizer, it's free, and if you are going to leave me a comment about it, tranlate it first. You can get Pig Latin, sound like a moron or a Swedish Chef.

Come on! Have some fun and if your surfing on Blog Explosion...give it a little more than 30 seconds people!!

In Pig Latin: Omecay onyay! Avehay omesay unfay andyay ifyay youray urfingsay onyay Ogblay Explosionyay...ivegay ityay ayay ittlelay oremay anthay 30 econdssay eoplepay!!

In Jive: Come on! Right on! Gots some fun and if yo' surfin' on Blog Explosion. 'S coo', bro...cut it some little mo'e dan 30 seconds sucka's! Preach it loud, bruddah!


Rain said...

Yer so lucky t'have someone brin' yo' coconut pie! Thanks fo' th' right fine link. Shet mah mouth! Have a great day, Tom, dawgone it.

Melissa said...

Sounds like a fun exercise, except the redneck one is a bit off.

I'm surrounded by rednecks in my town and they sound nothing like that, or maybe I'm just too used to the sound of them?

TOM said...

Wain, you Cawifownia giwws awe awesome

Melissa, Danks fo' comin' by and commentin' ! Right on!

a.i. editor said...

woman with funny name Melissa, them rednecks want "powwow" with you?

Above was my Red Indian slang.

Tom's blog is rocks, man!

Above was my Malaysian slang.

Me commenting muchos bcoz of the kalifornia chicas, senor.

Above was my Mexican slang.

Happy blogging, Tom!

Translator said...

Voo, Tum! Thees is qooeete-a zee feend! I'll hefe-a tu pust ebuoot it oofer et Rusetta Runts. Um gesh dee bork, bork! Thunks egeeen fur zee inffu! Greet feend!

(Can you guess what dialect?)

Unacknowledged Genius said...

ah doesn't find th' redneck t'be mighty close t'th' real thin' eifer unless they all soun' like yosemite sam, dawgone it. ah hate thet rabbit.

TOM said...

A.I.....danks f' comigg by my fine malaysian friend! Huh huh!

Translator...Svedee, yuoo knoo Svedee zeey speek Svedeesh und bed Ingleesh, hehheheha

Unacknoledged: Yo awe weawwy wight on about the simiwawity between Wednecks and Yosemite Sam, but Sam weawwy was a Wedneck wasn't he? Fun having you stop by!

Toes First said...

Weawwy Tom whewe do you find aww these cwazy web pages

Attila The Mom said...

LOL! I love that thing!

Translator said...

Hey, Tom! Thanks again for pointing this out! I linked to you from Rosetta Rants, and i loved the Dialectizer SO much that I made a Dialectizer Widget for my sidebar.

Check it out, and feel free to grab it for your site if you want!

Thanks again for the hours of fun!

River said...

y'all are way too intaleckshal f'me

TOM said...

Toes, It's just, as they would say in Boston, because I'm Wicked Smaaht!

Atilla, Hope you had time to play with it!

Translator, Thanks for the Link I'll do the same for you...That's Called "Wink Wuv"

River: I think you'd fit in fine here! Thanks for stopping by.

Sally said...

That's weird, my comment I left las night is not here! Are you gaslighting me?

TOM said...

Sally, I'd never delete You, I don't know what happened??

Nan said...

There is no way I am going to even try reading this entry out loud - not that I generally read entries out loud but people would think I had gone insano!

In little Denmark there are over 100 dialects and I have trouble understanding a few of them.

TOM said...

Nan!! Just glad to have ya here at Tom's Hideaway, ya'll come back soon now!!

anitar said...

I wove this toow, thanks fow shawing it!

Robert said...

I didn't know pigs could speak Latin. I like the BBC's page of handy Latin phrases.

Bob, two houses down the hill

TOM said...

Bob, that's a great site, I never took Latin so this will help when I need a good name for a Post or a Sign

Andrea said...

I 'ad fun readin' frough yor blog today. I were on Blogmad and I spent a bit more than 25 seconds. Me ole man is from England so 'e is always noticin' differences in accents 'ere. O'course, right, I were born and bred right 'ere on the bloomin' Norff Shore, so I don't 'ave one.

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Anonymous said...

Im from the south im a redneck so deal with it suck it up cupcake