Monday, October 29, 2007

Red Sox Win the World Series

Minnie didn't couldn't take her eyes off the game last nigh as she watched the Red Sox win their 2nd World Series in 4 years.

She munched on some green peas and had a little milk during the game but there wasn't a repeat of the crazy party she had the other night.

She hopes to go to the celebratory parade this week.

Congrats Red SoX !!!

What a great catch by the Rookie Ellsbury in the bottom of the ninth!!

MVP Mike Lowell!! Hope we can keep him on the Sox!!

Red Sox Nation let Ownership know that T=there is no place for A-ROD with the Red Sox. Salaries are already too high and as costs go up they are dropped on the fans..

We Don't need no stinkin A-Rod, he's a high priced, self centered player. No player is worth that kind of money


unit #1 said...

The RED SOX win because theyqwdfgiz work as a TEAM. A-Rod is a prima donna-thug and would do nothing but cause discord--just doesn't possess the attitude we need in the clubhouse and on the field!

Sally said...

A-Rod is such a bad fit for this team!! Re-sign Lowell!!!