Thursday, October 11, 2007

Sexiest Fan Alive

With regard to my last post about all the spitting and scratching in Baseball, one of my commentors, Avery Gray, said:

"Most people who watch baseball are of the male persuasion, and since men are generally not offended by such behavior, I don't think it will be changing anytime soon. "

Tomorrow October 12, 2007 the voting begins for MLB's Sexiest Fan, will it be a man, a woman or will there be one of each??

Major League Baseball and People Magazine are sponsoring this and I think it is MLB who is trying to expand it's fan base and attract more women to the games and the sport.

In my reply to Avery's comment, I took some information from and article reprinted from the Boston Globe Magazine here at, which stated that :

"Sports teams are particularly interested in women fans because they shop. Sales of Patriots merchandise targeted at females -- everything from tank tops to ``ladies hand-off thong" underwear plastered with the team's logo -- have quadrupled over the past several years, and now bring in about $3 million annually."

So I realize that many of my recent posts have been sports related, but hey...The Red Sox are in the playoffs!! While looking for sexy fans will MLB start asking their players to clean up there manners and stop the spitting ??

I doubt it.....Avery is probably sure to vote for your sexiest fan, if Avery is right, it should be a Woman, since mostly men are watching the game they will have most of the votes!


Unit #1 said...

While men SEEM to be the predominant watchers of sports, female interest has grown and thus the aversion to some of the DISGUSTING habits --i.e. spitting, scratching, etc. Spitting is not reserved to the players. The Manager, etc. do their share in the dugout. Shape-up gentlemen!

Avery Gray said...

What do you mean "if Avery is right"? Avery is always right. Always. ;o)

And, yes, they may be targeting a female fanbase, well football is doing the same thing. Doesn't mean the majority of fans are women. Just means they are trying to attract more women to the games. Why? Women buy things. Women spend money. And they are, in my opinion, more unlikely to make a fan out of a man who has never had an interest in baseball than a woman who wants to share her man's interests. Know what I mean?

TOM said...

Unit#1 You will be watchinjg the Sox tonight on Fox...Sox on Fox...that's gotta good ring to it

Avery, I really should have heaped credit for your Keen insights much earlier...What was I thinking???