Monday, October 01, 2007

Monday, Monday

Tonight it's all about the New England Patriots playing the Cincinnati Bengals if you are a football fan that is.

Yesterday was all about Mom, She turned 78, but she looks 29.....Of course this kind of schmooze has kept me her favorite. Being the youngest of 4, I have three OLDER sisters, it's obvious to me that mom and dad tried once, twice, 3 times and then when most might have given up...gave it one more try and TA DA!! Perfection...I was born.

Thanks guys!!

On to other topics, The Boston Red Sox managed to finish the season with the Best record in Baseball...A local radio show asked the question...If you had to pick One, A) The Red Sox Win The World Series or B) The Patriots win the Super Bowl what would you pick??

I'd pick B, The Pats and hope for a Great year from The Celtics and their new lineup...Maybe the Sox will win anyway, really it's only because I'm forced to pick ONE...I personally think us New Englanders have the Best sports has to offer.....Bring it ON!

I'm also hoping the Jets lose ALL their remaining games...they are CRAP...Their fans too!!

They can't even decide if they want to be from New York or New Jersey, They play on another teams field...They should move to Nevada or North Dakota..they haven't got a football team.

Monday Picture: Halloween Is Coming


Anonymous said...

NEWS FOR THE SCHMOOZER......60 WOULD BE BELIEVABLE IN A LOW LIGHTED SITUATION. 29???? You are, however, my favorite SON. Unit#1

ME said...

So Tom -

Which one is you in that picture?

And I want you to know in regards to the siblings comment - the 1st sister was too short - the 2nd sister was too tall and the 3rd sister was just right!

You know who!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

The karma thing with the congratulations to the Yankees worked! The Red Sox have the best record too!

TOM said...

Sally, and look at those Patriots!!

choochoo said...

I'm not sure black is really your color. Makes your eyes look kinda beady:P

Melissa said...

You do know that you're supposed to look scared in the face of death instead of shocked-amused right? :P

As for you and sports.. you're as bad as my nanny. She's all gung-ho with her teams and I just watch with a blank stare waiting for it to end.

Congrats to your mom on her perfect child rearing abilities and I do hope she had a good birthday!

Rain said...

Hey Handsome :)

Oh my what big eyes you have!

Sending your mom belated birthday wishes all the way from California.

BrentD said...

I like your friend, the Palm Beach Diet seem to really be working for him.

TOM said...

Guys, I'm the one in the BACK...

BrentD...are you telling me that I'm fat?? Damn, I don't feel fat