Thursday, September 27, 2007

Something About Mary

Mary and I, 7 Years ago on a cruise from Boston to Bermuda

She had a kind soul and would have given you the shirt off her back. She was funny and had a
feisty side to her that could not be put down. She called me on that fateful morning of 9/11 and asked me to come home and be with her, she was so saddened by the horror that she witnessed that morning on the T.V. She would have been 41 this December.

Same trip, arriving in Bermuda.

Sadly, Mary had a problem with drinking which grew steadily worse, compounding her problems she was in a serious accident and had to have emergency brain surgery...After her surgery, for a short while, she returned to being the beautiful butterfly I'd first fell in love with.

They had shaved half of her hair off when they performed her brain surgery, I shaved the rest off and told her she was as cute as a button with short hair. She was, but she never believed it. She started drinking again, wouldn't eat and became a hermit. I couldn't get her out in public without a fight and she called cabs to have them deliver liquor to the apartment when I was at work.

I couldn't get her to change, Her family tried and could not help her. On September 29th. 2004 I got a call at work that she had died. She had a seizure in our living room. A friend was there with her and for that I was grateful. She wasn't alone. I don't miss Mary the Hermit but I do miss Mary the Butterfly.

My friend Allen Estes called to give me his condolences a few days later. I wasn't home and our message machine came on. Mary had recorded the message. Allen was taken aback, but what happened was that it helped him to write a song. Allen is a singer and song writer.

You can listen to his song here: Mary's Phone Machine

Mary would be happy that a song about her was on a benefit album for the victims of the Katrina hurricane. She wouldn't agree with the lyrics but then she was in denial

The CD: After The Storm Volume #1

Whenever I see a butterfly I think of her.


eastcoastlife said...

awwww.... she's beautiful. What a pity.

I'm sure you miss her a lot. Take care.

Chaim said...

Damn, man. Read the post. Twice. Then listened to the song. Broke my damn heart. A beautiful post. Thank you so much for sharing this.

What a loss. Life is such a strange thing.

Rain said...

Mary the Butterfly was beautiful and I am so sorry for your loss.


Denise said...

It is good that you can remember Mary in this beautiful way.

Annie said...

Hey Tom - This is a beautiful tribute to Mary.


Annie said...

Tom -

I also wanted to point out your hair is picture #2 - Mary would laugh remembering that famous hairdo!


unit #1 said...

Remember when you all were painting Annie's new kitchen? Mary Margaret volunteered to do the "low stuff" because there were enough tall people to do the rest!

razz said...

That was beautiful

Mary Blackchurch said...

Beautiful mixed memories from the heart, thank you for sharing them Tom. She must have been very special your butterfly.

I'm convinced that kind of love traverses this earth plain into all time..into 'forever,' in the grandest sense of the word.

You and your Mary are not over..your love continues to be and as such it can never die..not that kind of energy.

Carol said...

How beautiful and wonderful that you were able to know someone and love them that way.
It is a tragedy that alcohol and drugs do so much damage to good people.
I am sorry for your loss Tom but you honor her with your memories.

Dizzy Dee said...

Sometimes we don't know why certain things happen. There will never be an explanation, or reason enough for tragedy.

We only have the memories to live with, which makes it so important that we make the best of the present.

I hope that the happy memories are enough to carry you through the troublesome times.

Sally said...

Sad yet no so sad! Nice song!

TOM said...

Thanks to all for your kind words (-:

Radioactive Jam said...

This is a very moving story, and that's a powerful song. Glad you have such friends to help keep her memory alive.

May your butterfly sightings bring moments of joy in remembering.

TOM said...

RJ, thanks so much. (-:

Oh, The Joys said...

I know you still miss her.


Miguel Ángel Jiménez Achinte said...

What a sad and beautiful story Tom. I do not know you, nor Mary, but I know the song and it is nice to read this post while I am looking for the song's lyrics. I hope you are ok these days.

Miguel, from Colombia.