Thursday, July 26, 2007

I got gas

I went by a gas station today where they pump the gas for you and the price was $2.75/GALLON ! For the U.S.A. that's pretty good as most stations sell it for around $2.85/GALLON and you have to pump it yourself. I live in the Northeastern part of the U.S.A. and I hear about all the gas price hikes but I wonder...what are people paying for gas in other countries.

I've converted the price I paid to some other currencies and have also broken the price per liter instead of gallon for my international friends:

These conversions are all based on the price I paid today, I've listed the Euro, the Rand from South Africa. The Krone from Denmark, the Australian dollar and the Singapore dollar.
  • USA $2.75/Gallon = .726/Liter
  • EURO 2.004/Gallon = .529/liter
  • RAND = 19.09/Gallon = 5.03/liter
  • KRONE = 14.79/Gallon = 3.90/liter
  • Australia = 3.14/Gallon = .828/liter
  • Singapore = 4.16/ Gallon = 1.09/liter
Do these prices reflect what you are paying in your country?? I think people in the USA are pretty lucky as far as gas prices go. I think maybe we whine about the prices without any clear idea what people in other countries have to pay for gas.

How much do you pay for gas??


Danielle said...

Well, here in mexico they sell gas per liter... and it costs $8.00 pesos... 1 us dollar is around 11 pesos, so... do your math, lol.

TOM said...

8 Mexican Pesos would be about 0.73 US Dollars so Danielle you are paying about the same price as me!!

1 MXN Peso = 0.0910457 US Dollar

a.i. editor said...

I am all for electric cars.

Well, at least Hybrid cars.

I would rather use the gas money for holiday trips.

I guess in Malaysia the gas price is slightly cheaper than Singapore's because Malaysia got its own gas industry & company.

Louisa said...

Hey Tom!

I just stopped to refeul this morning so my data is pretty up to date. ;-)

In South Africa - today - I paid R100 for 14.22 liters...So R7.03/liter if my maths are right. But the price goes up (or down? hahahaha!) on the first Wednesday of the month.

TOM said...

A.I....So what are YOU paying for gas my friend?

Louisa..Well, that's slightly more $1 US dollar more per gallon than I paid. Your Math was perfect !!

HighlandAmy said...

Hey! We have the Arm/Leg/First Born pricing system in the Southeastern Us too! J/K -- we pay about $2.75/gallon here too!

TOM said...

Highlandamy, I guess we're lucky on the east coast, in CA they pay 10 to 20 cents more per Gallon

Rain said...

You are right Tom, prices in San Diego are $2.97 a gallon at independent stations. Prices at the major stations start at $3.05!

Have a great weekend :)

a.i. editor said...


Last occasion I checked (a few months ago it was RM 1.90 per liter)

$0.55 per liter. The price almost doubled within 2 years.

I recall paying around RM1.10 per liter of Gas in Malaysia some years ago.

Milly Moo said...

Here in South Australia I paid $1.38 per litre last week..... so roughly double your price.

It always amazes me how a car bomb in Baghdad is used by Australian petrol companies to jack up the prices minutes afterwards, but in peace time it takes days or weeks for the price to come back down. Strange too, the price is always highest on Thursdays (the good old Aussie pay day) and weekends.

TOM said...

A.I , 1.90 Malaysian Ringgits converts to 55 cents American or $2.08 USDollar/Gallon best Price so far!!

Milly, $4.53 US Dollar/Gallon I would be a lot thinner because I'd walk more (-:

girl said...

We drove on over to Chicago last weekend and thought we were getting a good deal on gas at USD 3.50/gallon (and higher)! I'm jealous the prices in Michigan aren't as good as from where ever you are from.

Also, for the record, here in Southern Ontario, we are at about 97.5 cents per litre.

a.i. editor said...

Yeah Tom,

Anybody wants to buy some cheap Malaysian gas?

:) Lol

Gas in Oz is expensive. I would stop using the Ford Falcon V8 to send the kids to school :O

eastcoastlife said...

Oh, homework! Let me go check on the gas prices today and get back to you. ^-^

eastcoastlife said...

I still couldn't get down the stairs on my feet. hehe...

But I had the gas price. It's S$1.70 per litre.

TOM said...

Eastcoast, finally you got your homework in...well ok, I'll accept the sore ankle excuse, In US your gas would cost 1.12/liter or $4.23 per gallon so I guess our prices aren't as high as most...I don't want to hear any more whining Americans!!

River said...

I don't have a car, so don't have to buy gas at all, lucky me. Public transport and shanks pony does me just fine.

TOM said...

River, I think there's gonna be a lot more of us joining you on the Subway if gas prices keep rising..I hope so!