Friday, September 07, 2007

Fall, Autumn

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Fall is coming and even if it hit 90 degrees here today in sunny Massachusetts, I saw some trees with color today..Fall is on it's way and it's my favorite season. Cool nights, bright sunny days and color everywhere.

What's your favorite season??

I'm going into Boston Saturday and I'll check out "ART in the PARK 2007" ART in the PARK is an annual festival featuring over 70 visual artists and artisans.

It's free and it's better than working which is all I have done for the past 11 days..not that I'm counting or anything...I'll see if I can get any good pictures and post them.

If you are in the Boston area here's more info

Song I've been painting to when listening to WERS, commercial free radio from Emerson College in Boston...
Cante E Dance by Pink Martini

That link will give you about a minute of the song..I don't have a clue what they are saying but it's a great painting song and I think of Martini's while I'm listening to it.

Well that's what's going on here..

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Carol said...

Beautiful pic Tom. It's been a long time since I have seen the fall colors. I am going to the Seafood Festival on Sunday. It will be my first trip to the ocean since 2000. Bet I will freeze my buns off :)

hezamarie said...

Fall is my favorite season in Florida, probably the way the sun hits the water. Spring is my favorite in Munich, everything explodes green or with color.

TOM said...

Carol, it doesn't get cold till like February!! Tough Up

Hezamarie, Spring is my 2nd favorite!!

Chaim said...

My favorite season here in New York is definitely fall. I grew up in Los Angeles, so I wasn't raised with a really proper sense of Autumn. The leaves, of course, do come down, by the gorgeous color change out here on the east coast is more pronounced than I ever would have imagined.

Anonymous said...

That picture is one of the most beautiful tributes to Fall -- my favorite time of the year also.
Unit #1

Robert said...

The song starts out (Portugese):
" Neblinas cobrem a rua
Ocultam à porta
Ande pára a luz
Vigie seu passo
Nuvens podem se chegar
Morros ser levados
Recebe o que é dado
Só hoje há"

English lyrics (not exact translation):
"A fog may shroud the path
Hide the door
Walk towards the light
Mind your step
Clouds may gather
Hills may wash away
Take what’s given
We just have today"

Pink Martini, a band from Portland, Oregon, had a PBS "beg-athon" special on WGBH a couple of years ago.

For Portugese translation, you could ask 1 house up.

Bob, 2 houses down.

Sally said...

Without a doubt the dark, frigid winter is my favorite season! ;-)

Dave said...

WOW! That is one heck of a great photo!! I have always loved the Fall. As a teacher, I am unable to take holidays during that time of year but never the less, I try to get out as much as possible to experience the crispness of the cool weather.

Gledwood said...

wow that is an amazing tree... did you photo it yourself? or "meme" it up from somewhere?

choochoo said...

As usual, I intend to deny the excistence of fall until I see snow. Summersummersummer.

TOM said...

Chaim, Anon #1...I love it when people agree with me

Robert..You are an amazing wealth of knowledge...and so close by (-:

Sally...You like snowball fights too I bet.

Dave AND Gleds that is a great pic I put a link where I found it just below the picture...great spot like Flickr ot Photobucket...

Choo Choo, you like it hot eh??

Andrea said...

Because I am in New England, I think Fall has to be my favorite season. I have seen it in other parts of the country but the colors here are just so much more vivid. And now that those first few leaves of color no longer mean that I have to start school again, I have no reason to fear the end of the capricious and oppressive summer.

Of course, all those grey, bare, lifeless trees in winter have their own appeal.

That's one hell of a word verification - 8 letters - I doubt I will get them right the first time.

TOM said...

Andrea, sometimes those word verifications are tricky!!

AintNeverScared said...

I'm so jealous!! Art in the Park sounds right up my alley! Also, I wish it were 90 here. I guess we got close to that a few times last week. As you might guess, my favorite is SUMMER. I could live in summerland forever. The heat, the sunlight, the long's utopia for me. ALL problems seem much smaller to me under summer circumstances.

Attila The Mom said...

Wow, that's gorgeous! I love the time right at the end of the summer just before fall---the days are cooling off, but it's still comfortable enough to sleep with all the windows open. ;-)

TOM said...

aintnever, art in the park was good..I'll be writing more.... sleeping weather ever!!

L'il Bunny said...

That tree is beautiful - I am looking forward to seeing even more of them soon. I have noticed all of the trees sporting a few leaves turning color in the neighborhood. But I am not looking forward to raking them up. Last year we must have had over 30 of those huge brown paper garden bags FULL of leaves!

TOM said...

Rabbit!! That's a lot of leaves for a lil bunny to rake

Stacy said...

Fall has always been my favorite, vivid, blazing orange and pink Sugar maples, the smell of burning leaves, the cool clear air. . . better than sex,maybe.

TOM said...

Stacy, nothing better than sex in the fall!!

Sally said...

It's the shoveling I love the most!

mrsnesbitt said...

Autumn came here in Uk this week, quite strange really! One minute we were enjoying the sunshine, next thing was cold, very cold. Will be digging out me winter gear this weekend and getting the garden ready for winter!