Tuesday, September 11, 2007

The Arts, or in Boston they say The Ahhts

It was the 2007 Ahhts Festival in Christopher Columbus Pahhhk this past weekend. I saw many of the Artists' wares and met a few along the way. Unfortunately I didn't bring a camera so I spared no expense and bought a $10 digital camera from a local convenience store. For 10 dollars you get really bad pictures but I'll share some anyway....

This was Lorie Reilly's finely crafted Mosaic Art...my camera has given it a rather impressionistic look; however the piece on the left, "Oceans At Night" really looks like looks like this...

Fusion Ethos Fashions : Recycles everyday items and transforms them into something wearable!

I want to bring this girl to Vegas for good luck,

and of course she has to wear the earrings !!

Those pictures are from her site, mine sucked!!

Todd Cahill presented Steam Machine Sculpture, an art form I never considered but found really cool...He was constantly tweaking his models to get optimum performance..

My Pics:

His website: Better Pics

Overall I found it a fun day to get out and see things..on my way home I stopped at Suffolk Downs and bet on a couple of Horse Races...Let's just say I hope to have better luck in Vegas next week...

I got more from the Ahhhtts Festival but I'm saving it for Latahhh!


I have more from The Arts Festival but I'm saving it for Later!!


Stacy said...

LOVE IT! I work all the time too. I wish I could go to such a cool art festival. We don't have anything that cool here. Can you hear me crying like a baby all the way up there?

TOM said...

Stacy, you should do a show up here this Fall!!

Robert said...

Tom, You can't bring that girl to Vegas. It's just not in the cards!

Bob, 2 houses down

Bungi said...

Digi cam for $10?!!!

TOM said...

Robert,I don't think they would let her wer that dress in Vegas !!

Bungi, yes..It's made by Vivitar, actually $9.99 before tax

Rain said...

I love going to art festivals and sometimes you can find true treasures at local shows.

Lorie Reilly has an excellent portfolio and she is very talented.

The Steamachine Sculptures are awesome!

Thanks for including the links :)

Anonymous said...

Tom: If you tried to bring that girl they might ask her to cover up. You know how these airlines are getting over the modest clothing issues!

Anonymous said...

Looks like there might be a "celebrity" in Vegas when you are there. O.J. seems to be in hot water again....and I don't mean in the hotel pool!
unit #1

Robert said...

No, anonymous, they'd probably let her on the plane.
They'd just make damn sure you didn't deal from the bottom of the deck!

Bob, 2 houses down

Robert said...

While you're away in Vegas, don't forget that Wednesday, September 19th is the annual "Talk Like A Pirate Day."


Just don't get into a poker game where the decks of cards have hook marks!

Bob, 2 houses down