Monday, May 13, 2013

Tom Bunny in Hawaii

Okay, enough!!

Tom Bunny was at one point an integral part of Tom's Hideaway. His image was the original profile pic used on the site. Unfortunately he had to sever his employment here at Tom's rather abruptly. He was working without his agent's approval and well let's just say, his agent can be VERY difficult...

Recently his agent has been taunting us here at Tom's by sending me pics of Tom B. in Hawaii, above..

I am glad  Tom B.  is HAPPY, but we had big  plans for him here in  2006 at Tom's Hideaway including extensive  travel, photo shoots, promotional tours and of course celebrity appearances  we had planned..

All that had to be cancelled after his Agent pulled the plug leading to his  abrupt departure from Tom's Hideaway staff.