Sunday, June 25, 2006

You have to read this Blog from Best Of Craigslist

5 Myths About America

There is so much to read all over the net, but this one every american should read. Let me know what you think.

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TheManChild420 said...

It is clear to even the most absent minded of Americans who have studied history, that since this country was founded, those who have had the balls to stand up to the government have oppossed a union between the church and the state. America prides itslef on freedom and liberty. That being said, and keeping in mind the religious melting pot that is the USA, anyone who claims that this country is in any way majorily cemented in Christianity has been inhaling too many prayer candles. Regardless of percentages, this country is indeed a heterogenous mix of religions. cultures, and beliefs. This may be unsettling to those who "run" this country, because as history also shows, diverese religious populations are one of the key sparks to civil unrest. It is clear that progressively over time those in power have used religion in the same way that politicians have used any serious issue in the past 150 years; as a bargaining tool to get into office. This is how religion and politics get dangerously mixed. These days, religion is on the back burner to such issues as gay rights, welfare, and war...which are just other topics that jockying politicians pretend to give a shit about to gain the support of the popular vote. This country has other things to worry about besides what figurehead pretends to make the best desicions for the country and as usual ends up on;y being the best desicions for themselves.Untill a candidate for president proves that once they get into office they actually act upon their aforementioned intentions, this country will make no progress, and continue to move down in all of the worldly rankings. Peace Outtt.