Thursday, July 27, 2006

Is it me or does TV SUCK? Please Tell Me!!

I'd like to start an anti-television group.

I am sick of the programming that is coming my way. Networks and
many viewers, are stuck on "Reality" shows.
What "reality" are they presenting.
Watch people cat fighting, lying and being unscrupulous so they can win.
I try to avoid people like that.

When I watch TV I want to be entertained.
That happens now is when I rent a DVD.

The past season had some good prospects, but they were short lived.
The Invasion Series and The Surface series were both cancelled.

Too much money? Had to pay writers and actors!!

I am mystified by the popularity of shows like American Idol.
I mean these performers aren't even doing original music.

Do any of these people ever listen to the radio?

Whatever happened to Music Videos?
MTV's programmed music out of there schedule.

I gotta go, Pimp My Ride is coming on. AHHHHH


bunny lover said...

What about Threshold, that got zapped mid-season! And not Lost may be on for a couple of months and then take a hiatus for a couple of months....I hope that Alias & 24 don't get canned they are my favs! Give me a good scifi or spy vs spy show any day! The reality shows are really unreality - I mean who really wants to live on a desert island and eat bugs, swim with real sharks, and slog through mosquito ridden swamps? Certainly not someone in their right mind, so why would I want to watch a lot of "real lunatics" who are masochistic???? So I am glad to be in my lazy boy chair, with modern bathroom facilities available & a well stocked refridgerator???? If the winner in the show gets $1M do the other guys get something for their suffering...I sure hope so, maybe it's free counseling.....for life.

Turd said...

It's very frustrating, I tape shows now so I don't have to watch commercials! I'll bet those advertisers really hate Tivo and VCR's..

S said...

I totally agree with ya on this one.

I do like American Idol though;)

THUMBS said...

I'm so disgusted with T.V. programming, Cable programming! What ever happened to creativity? These days all you get from ABC-NBC-CBS is regurgitated "Reality Shows" "Sex Obsessed Sitcoms" with canned laughter -- that's because it is not all that funny but the networks are trying to convince you that it is with the subliminal suggestion of laughter. All sitcoms seem to have the same writers just rearranging the character's job, appartment, friends, name and sexual partners of the week. What kind of message are these shows for the young audience that watches.

If you're going to sell me cable let me choose if I want all the "home shopping" channels or the NASCAR station or Evangelist...
Allow the paying viewer to customize their station list - Perhaps by doing this it will become more evident to programming what real people want and not the morons staring in the "Reality Shows" -- what planet are they from -- why is it considered entertainment to see one person degrade and verbally abuse another?
That's just sick and a very poor example of behavior.

Oh sure, cable tells you you can set "blocks" on your TV for age appropriate viewing but that would require a degree in physics and fulltime staff to calculate the scheduleing blocks and the multitude of changes that are required to avoid all the stupid programming -- but that is their way of shirking any responsibility for the stupidity being sent out over the networks.

How many times do I have to watch the same car commercial during a movie? Who gives a crap about male impotence and Viagra? Don't give me commercials about the news just to boost ratings! Stop introducing the news station reportes - I don't care - They are doing a job they are not actors! It is their responsibility to present the news in a direct, concise, sensitive, unbiased format without the sensationalizing affect to peak veiwers morbid couriosity just for ratings!

Why would the networks cancel shows like SURFACE or INVASION? Is it perhaps due to the fact that these shows represented script writing that displayed creativity, imagination, action and suspence without the need for canned laughter and unrelenting sexual innuendo? Do the programmers believe that the viewers are a pack of fools who are incapable of processing a story line that actually may have contained a "Plot"!

Just stop and think about how many times the same movie have been on TV this year alone? I think Scarface has aired about 30 times. I've lost count on The Mummy, Just think about it?

I'd like the viewers (all viewers) to have on thier remote controls a button that has the ability to send through their cable TV a "stop the crap" programming. This button will be pressed everytime something is observed by the viewer to be unacceptable programming and the cable/networks will recieve this information along with the exact time and subject matter being objected to.

Wouldn't that be cool!

toes said...

I am appalled by the amoral messages that soap operas pass on to anyone but, especially, the younger audience--infidelity, lying,cheating,stealing are all OK just as long as you don't get caught!

Everett said...

I Like "Toes' Idea regarding the "Stop The Crap Button" I think it should should be more like text messaging though. Instead of Nielson ratings your clicker could connect you with your cable providers re how much or how little you like a show or a network. I see movies repeating over and over again. This weekend I see TNT and TBS playing the same movie back to back.....WHY. I wonder if they run the same commercials?