Sunday, September 24, 2006

Sean, Cool as a Moose, I swear that Moose is giving me the finger.
He's flying to San Diego today
Last night he woke me up
He made me watch a recording
Of me, snoring!!


Anonymous said...

Why don't you post the snoring video? MaryAlice

TOM said...

I'll think about it....Sean will have to send it to me though

Sandi said...

bwhahahahaha... don't you hate it when they do stuff like that?? :)

ManChild420 said...

guy sounds like a lawnmower..that like ran over a nappy sheep, that was in the rain for days, and happend to be giving birth. I live above him occasionally.

The Champion said...

Poor kid...I've heard your snoring!! Ugh!! haha!