Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Heroes, The Cheerleader's Alive

What about D.L.??

Nikki fired her Blase R93 Sniper Rifle to end
last night's episode. Earlier she had told her alter
ego in the mirror " We're going hunting"

The show continues....how you like it now???


Kevin said...

I like Heroes too, but in a completely unrelated topic, here is a link i thought would be a great fit for one of your blogs ....


i did pretty bad ... 57%

truth is, its still fun even if you do poorly

Annie said...

I think the show is great! I think that Hiro being in the past is going to cause a ripple in time that will cause the events of this last episode to replay some of the present day outcomes.

TOM said...

There has to be a twist re. Hiro's adventure into the past, I hate it, but I am going to agree with you Annie..LOL, I think though, originally...It was my idea.....