Thursday, December 14, 2006

Test For Thursday, it's easy

Yes it's another test. This one Have you ever been Abducted By Aliens? should be helpful. Plagued by bad dreams, constant worry? Maybe you were abducted, and the answers you get will be a big help to your therapist!


Sostak said...

Have you ever been Abducted By Aliens?
Your Result: You have been abducted many times

You might as well be from another planet, you have been probed more times than Mars. Unfortunately they wouldn't keep you and your not much use to us now

go figure, i am a katsos. LOL

Anonymous said...

Very nice blog.

Warmest regards,

Robert said...

Don't need to take the test. I've never been abducted.
You see, I have my own ship!

(How did this comment entry page know my real name?)