Monday, January 22, 2007

DVR is better than Live

I watched Heroes last night but next week I'll watch it on tuesday so I can fast-forward through all the damn commercials. The DVR really makes it much easier to watch a show when you have the time to. While the commercials sucked, I love the show. The newest member of the cast Christopher Eccleston - formerly played Dr,. Who in the British Sci Fi series - is the newest Hero, an invisible man no less. He should add some spice to the show, also there is George Takei - played Sulu on the original Star Trek show - cast as Hiro's father.

Tomorrow I'll watch 24, it's already recorded !!


MarinaMarburg said...

Now I'm jealous :(

Was Eccleston OK? I hope it, because I loved him as Doctor Who - and in numerous other Shows and Movies - such as 'Cracker' and 'Jude' etc.

TOM said...

He arrived late in the show, his character's "power" as an, "Invisible Man" has a lot of potential.

Fat Back said...

I hope the invisable guy can keep Peter from blowing UP! Hero is still my favorite and I think Linderman is going to turn out to be the "puppet master" behind the cheerleader dad's "paper factory" business.

Fat Back