Monday, January 29, 2007

Gasbags, Tagged and Campaign 2008

I know its Monday but I'm blowing the Sunday Trumpet and hope to steer you clear of reading 'The Lost Art of Keeping Secrets' by Eva Rice. That's right, St Jude tells us that the book wasn't a real page turner and despite the title the plot was pretty the rest of her review HERE

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Dannete, tagged me with the burden of revealing 6 weird things about myself, now I sure everyone who knows me probably thinks that its going to be easy, but your wrong...This 6 weird tag thing started at Tish's blog so I really blame her for starting the here goes:

I like to have sauerkraut with turkey gravy on it for Thanksgiving dinner

I like genuine dill pickles in my potato salad

I cut my own hair

I have no natural rhythm so when I dance it's WEIRD

I love the movie Buckaroo Bonzai

I 'm going to run for President of The United States 2008

Now I am supposed to tag 6 other defenseless bloggers..........

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